Panel of Nuclear Experts Invited to City’s Workshop

Here is the list of speakers we have invited to participate in the Community Workshop on September 27th.

Here is the list of speakers we have invited to participate in the Community Workshop on September 27th. Like the others invited to participate, each has expertise in certain aspects about nuclear power that will produce the kind of balanced perspective the City Council and the Public is seeking. Our expectation is that they will have equal time to present their points of view. If all are allowed to speak for fifteen minutes (or ten minutes each, with five minutes allowed for rebuttal from opposing views), that would take the first 1.5 hours. The remaining time would likely be sufficient for the public to ask questions.

“Lessons Learned From Fukushima” – Arnold Gundersen

Chief engineer of energy consulting company Fairewinds Associates and a former nuclear power industry executive, and who has questioned the safety of the Westinghouse AP1000, a proposed third-generation nuclear reactor.[1] Gundersen has also expressed concerns about the operation of the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant. He served as an expert witness in the investigation of the Three Mile Island accident.

“Are we safe?” – Dan Hirsch

Founder of The Committee to Bridge the Gap, a non-profit nuclear policy organization focusing on issues of nuclear safety, waste disposal, proliferation, and disarmament. Founded in 1970, his work is aimed at revealing and correcting government misconduct in the control of nuclear and related hazardous materials that pose significant threats to public health and security if not carefully regulated.

“What are the alternatives?” – Harvey Wasserman (Box 09683 * Bexley, OH * 43209)

Senior Advisor, Greenpeace USA, 1990?present. Senior Advisor, Nuclear Information & Resource Service, 1990-present; Board Member, 2004. NIRS opposes commercial atomic power. His Solartopia Green Power Hour runs at He is senior advisor to Greenpeace USA and the Nuclear Information & Resource Service, and writes regularly for

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