Will San Onofre be the next Fukushima? Three meetings are to be held to explore this critical question.

Our City Council has called for two special public hearings and a regular City Council meeting to evaluate this question.

Our City Council has called for two special public hearings and a regular City Council meeting to evaluate this question. On September 27th, The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), the Interjurisdictional Planning Committee (IPC), and the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS), will all present ?Lessons Learned from Fukushima? and how they apply to San Onofre.

At the second meeting, on October 11th, a group of distinguished, independent experts not affiliated with the nuclear power industry will approach the same subject with an alternative point of view. Both meetings will be held on a Tuesday evening beginning at 6:30p.m., at our Community Center, 100 North Calle Seville. They will each have the same amount of time allotted for presentations and questions and answers from the City Council and from the public. Following these two meetings our City Council has said that they will vote on what actions would be appropriate to take on behalf of the people of San Clemente, presumably at their very next regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, October 18, at City Hall.

The objective of these meetings is to raise public awareness and give everyone a chance to make well informed choices regarding a complex and controversial topic that is generational in its scope of influence. We have seen the destruction in Japan, and while the catastrophe continues to unfold with little news coverage, it is a topic that must be further explored in our own community, due to the similarity of our circumstances. The next big earthquake is overdue, and we must act decisively, based on the balanced and expert testimony being provided to you, the public. We are not as helpless and hopeless as those in favor of the status quo would have us believe.

Here are a few facts that might inspire you to take a closer look and adjust your busy schedule in order to make it to these important meetings.
? Did you know ? SONGS has ten times more safety violations than the industry norm; just one of the many factors making it the second most dangerous nuclear power plant out of all 104 in the U.S.A?
? Did you know ? employees are being retaliated against for reporting safety concerns to management?
? Did you know ? SONGS was designed for a 7.0 quake, but is on a fault capable of an 8.0 (10 x more powerful)?
? Did you know ?SONGS intended lifespan ends in 2013, but was extended to 2022 and hopes to go until 2042?
? Did you know ? the ?30? tsunami wall? often claimed by the industry is only 14? above high tide?
? Did you know ? over 4,000 tons of highly radioactive waste is stored on-site in “temporary” storage, accumulating at a rate of 500 pounds per day?
? Did you know ? 8.4 million people living in a fifty mile radius would need to evacuate if there is a meltdown?
? Did you know ? you are expected to ?shelter in place? on your own for at least 3 days if you can’t evacuate?
? Did you know ? your property or possessions can?t be insured against radiation exposure?
? Did you know ? for all the inherent risk, Californians get less than 7% of our power from SONGS, which could be replaced with energy efficiency and simple conservation measures right now?
Come learn from the experts and make informed decisions that could protect all that you love and cherish before it is too late.

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