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Please sign these two important petitions to move nuclear waste to higher ground.

Support state legislation to move nuclear waste at San Onofre to higher ground.
Tell California Coastal Commission: Re-evaluate sea level rise now, not 2035

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The San Onofre Syndrome

The ongoing Fukushima disaster on 3/11/11 and the project that resulted in our award-winning feature documentary SOS – The San Onofre Syndrome: Nuclear Powers Legacy, are both 13 years old.
It was Japan’s triple melt-down that triggered the film’s 13-year production process aimed at trying to help prevent a similar tragedy in California, where two coastal nuclear reactor sites and 3 radioactive waste sites are in earthquake and tsunami zones...just like in Fukushima.
Amazingly, despite their dire situation, compassionate Fukushima survivors traveled all the way to California to warn us and to tell us about what really happened since both our governments covered up the facts. We are deeply grateful to them and inspired by all the Japanese citizens who fought so hard and so long against restarting their country's reactors.
For that reason, it has special meaning for the filmmakers to commemorate this year’s Fukushima Day 13th anniversary.
The film will be released for international online viewing this coming April.

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Our Mission

In 2007, Gary and Laurie Headrick formed San Clemente Green to promote a sustainable future for their community. By 2010 their work with the city resulted in a Sustainability Action Plan that guides programs and policies to this day.  San Clemente Green led the grass roots effort to shut down San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS), starting in 2010, when whistleblowers accurately predicted the demise of the nuclear power plant in 2012. Newly replaced steam generators released radiation into the environment, and SONGS was never to be restarted again.  San Clemente Green continues to work with nuclear activists around the country and Gary currently serves on Representative Levin’s Congressional Task Force on Nuclear Waste. 

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