Call for Immediate Action to the California Energy Commission

Time is running out for an important opportunity for you to make a difference in the role of nuclear power in California.

Time is running out for an important opportunity for you to make a difference in the role of nuclear power in California.

You can read the entire ?Wizard of Oz-Like? experience I had at the California Energy Commission meeting in the entry previous to this one.

Here is the brief message I hope you will act on immediately?

I have a good feeling about the final conclusions these commissioners will come to, but it is far from certain and we still have an opportunity to influence their thinking. They will continue to gather public input due by August 2nd, so I’m putting in my own written statement and asking you to do the same. It doesn’t have to be anything more than what you can come up with off the top of your head, or better yet, from the bottom of your heart. Just do it and know that you have done your part.

Open your email program, and copy the following address into it:
(Please Bcc so I can make use of your statements in other ways too)
In the subject line, copy: Comment for docket No. 11-IEP-1J
In the body: give it your heart and soul

They already have tons of research and data to consider. What is missing most are simple but direct statements such as given by the soccer mom who spoke at one of our City Council meetings. She said, ?I am afraid to live next to this nuclear power plant and I don?t want to have to take my family and move away from San Clemente.? The media response to that statement was overwhelming. Your opinion can make a difference too.

If you need some points to justify our call for the precautionary shutdown of our nuclear power plant, here are some things to consider.

* Did you know ? SONGS was designed for a 7.0 quake, but sits next to a fault capable of a 7.5
to an 8.0 quake which is 5 to10 times more powerful, and it is long overdue according to USGS?

* Did you know ? over 4,000 tons of highly radioactive waste, exceeding original capacity for
on-site “temporary” storage, is accumulating at an average rate of 500 pounds per day?

* Did you know ? 8.4 million people living in a fifty mile radius would need to evacuate if there is
a radiation release at SONGS, perhaps never to return or be reimbursed for losses of property?

* Did you know ? SONGS has ten times more safety violations than the industry average
making it the second most dangerous nuclear power plant out of all 104 in the U.S.A?

? Did you know ? SONGS only provides 7.5% of California?s energy which could be offset by basic
conservation measures while truly clean, sustainable and safe alternatives are expanded upon?

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