Conversation with Lisa Matthiesson of Davis Langdon

Consultant and Previous Green Ribbon panelist for Pasadena Green

Consultant and Previous Green Ribbon panelist for Pasadena Green

Started as an interested citizen and ended up on the green ribbon panel helping to implement the plan. Developers are most reluctant mostly due to the mystery of it all. They expect more cost, more permit hassles, and more requirements. These attitudes change with experience and outreach programs that show how cost is defrayed, and with much cooperation from city staff. One developer in Pasadena, Nathan Carlson of Sares Regis, was at first reluctant to aim for LEED certification, but now wants to do all projects with LEED certification because of so much positive press and public praise, and it keeps them competitive in the marketplace.

Contractors and architects are also nervous about the unknown, but more and more are learning that the rewards for learning new methods makes up for it.

Some resistance also has been noticed from city plan checkers who are already under-staffed and over-burdened. Measures to address these concerns are being considered. LEED consultants from her company have been hired to assist in plan checks, building inspections and training programs for staff.

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