Costa Mesa goes GREEN!

Another local city going green bodes well for San Clemente!

Another local city going green bodes well for San Clemente! Costa Mesa City Council unanimously approved two measures, one for privately owned projects, and one for public owned. The following message was sent out by the City Building Official.

Both attached items were approved 5-0 last night by the City Council with minor modification to Council Policy 500-14. The only change is to no. 4.1 of the policy by replacing the wording ?alternative fuel or hybrid vehicles? with ?higher efficiency vehicles?.

To summarize, the 9-month private incentive program provides for fee waiver and expedite plan check for Building Green. If a project is certified either by CA Green Builder, Build it Green, or LEED, the cost for the certification will be deducted from the permit fees after final and refunded to the applicant.

On the public program, please note the requirement for all new municipal buildings to be LEED Gold with no minimum threshold. I believe we are the 1st in California with the Gold requirement, and are one of only 2 jurisdictions in the U.S. with this high standard.

Thank you for all your hard work,

Khanh Nguyen

Building Official

City of Costa Mesa

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