FOOD, Inc. – Movie Results and Contest Winners

We have our first $100 prize winner for the random drawing for the initial release of this insightful movie – DELIA ROBBINS.

We have our first $100 prize winner for the random drawing for the initial release of this insightful movie – DELIA ROBBINS.

Since the movie had been extended due to popular demand, we had another drawing on July 18th with MARILYN MILLER as our next winner.

We felt that was so important to see the movie “FOOD,Inc.” that we put our money where your mouth is!

We’ve had our two winners for the drawing now. While we may have fallen
short of our goal to get 500 people to see this movie, the great news
is that it has played weeks beyond the original closing dates and will
continue to do so until something bigger comes along. We appreciate the
fact that so many of you have commented about the movie and have
encouraged others to see it. More theaters are picking it up, and while
this concludes our own SCG movie promotion efforts, please do what you
can to support the movie in your own way.

FOOD, Inc. – Comments from viewers

I hope FOOD INC.
continues to expand its message; thank you for spreading the word. As a
direct result of viewing the film, my neighbor Tamara and I are
purchasing and sharing the organic fruit/veggies baskets from South
Coast’s CSA. Thank you for helping to lead us in that direction.Grace

informative and scary!  We need to get the junk food addicts to see
it.  Michael is teaching summer school at Dana Hills and is going to
give extra credit to anyone who goes to see it next week.

made me think how I will buy my chicken and beef free range and grass
fed.  Life is tuff for the local farmers.  I will definatley support
them.  Enjoyed the movie and the information. Maria

Thank you for
informing me about attending this movie.   Like Fuel, it was quite an
eye opener but much more disturbing than the first movie.  Wow!  I knew
the meat packing industry was questionable – but now I have SO MANY
questions!  I can’t even buy soy milk today!  What will I order in my
latte?!?!?!  This really opened my eyes.  I had no idea the industry
was run by so few companies.  And I thought “corn fed” meat products
meant the animals got  better/special diet.  Stupid me!  But I really
was alarmed when I learned that Monsanto owns proprietary rights to all
soy products and they are all genetically treated to withstand Round
Up!  Now what do I drink?  Is rice milk OK???

just saw the movie “FOOD, Inc.” at the Laguna Niguel Regency Theater. 
Laws need to be changed!!  Unfortunately, the people who really need to
view the movie won’t.  I only eat organic and support my local organic
farm, Southcoast Farm!       Marilee

a friend and i saw the movie today at Regency Theaters in Laguna 
Niguel.  What an eye opener!!  I buy organic sometimes, but I will
definitely try to do so more often, now.  I grew up with chickens and
cows in the 50’s and early 60’s.  What  a  difference in the way we
raised and butchered ours.  The chickens were mostly for eggs, but my
grandpa would slaughter some for the family.  Of course, we named our
cows!! Unfortunately, the people who REALLY NEED to see this movie
won’t….So, it is up to the rest of us to keep the ball rolling.  I
enjoyed the film.  Thank  You.  Mary

I saw Food, Inc. on
Tuesday July 7th at Greenfield.  Wow!  It almost took away my
appetite!  But, thank you for recommending it. The movie showed me why
it is important to buy food grown locally, which I didn’t understand so
clearly before.  I already hardly buy supermarket food just because I
know it isn’t really good for me — I mostly buy and eat fresh food. 
After seeing the movie I will buy more local and organic food, and I
will try to buy grass-fed beef and free range chicken. 
Thank you!!!  Sincerely,  Liz

people were standing around in the lobby after the showing and having
discussions about the relevance and necessity of the general public to
be informed and view this important information.  Also they stated that
because of the content it would unfortunately not receive the
recognition it so richly deserves.  I applaud your attempt to spread
the word.  Bravo!!

The film was phenomenal! I personally had no idea about Monsanto. I am
currently a 3rd year bio student at UCI and a father of a 8 month old.
I do my best to research and stay current on health related issues but
this documentary really showed me how much I do not know. What an eye
opener! I am taking my wife this weekend to see it as well. I only hope
that this documentary will do for agriculture and the consumer what the
Business of Being Born has done for childbirth. Thank you for taking
the time to shine light on Americas depressing agriculture scene. I
hope this will be the catalyst for some much needed change.

I heard about you at the San Clemente Farmer’s Market and was given a
small flyer with your e-mail on it. The film Food, Inc. is an absolute
must see for everyone. I will never be the same. I know this is just
part of the story. Monsanto (Shame, Shame!!!!), the chickens, the beef,
the corn, etc, etc. Shame, shame, shame!!!!!!!!! We need many more
films that will continue to tell ALL the stories about what we eat,
drink and breathe. And the disgraceful political connections and the
unbelievable GREED. Wow! Thank you for all you do.

I was glad they included so much of the interviews with the grass
farmer–I just wish they could have shown how he moves the chickens
(with fence and sleeping quarters complete) which just charmed the sox
off me in the book.  It was an excellent book and the people they
showed are admirable people.  You are part of a growing
contingent…keep up the good work.

I started on the journey about 3 years ago to be vegetarian….. then
vegan…..  then raw.  I don’t do any of that 100% but this movie
certainly strengthened my resolve to do as much organic as I possibly
can, and eat no meat, fish or chicken, except free range or wild and to
avoid all processed foods.  I am a professional musician and often eat
my meals in the places where I am performing.  most of those places
(restaurants & hotels) do not serve free range or wild or even
organic so I must pick and choose carefully.   I am spreading the word
about this movie and hope many of my friends, family and acquaintances
will see it also.

Saw it.   Loved it.
Especially loved, Saving the World…one Bite at a Time. I saw it last
night, Sunday, June 28th, with my 18 year old daughter, at Rancho
Niguel’s 9:45pm showing. I mainly wanted to see the movie for its
agricultural points regarding corn and soybeans. I have been vegan for
2 years and found all the agriculture info enlightening. I belong to a
Christ centered health group called First Place for Health out of San
Clemente Presbyterian.  Many discussions have been about the gross
adulteration of our food supply and how much of the health benefits
have been stripped away.  Not God’s plan. We are planning a group field
trip to see the movie.  There are about 100 of us. Thanks for pushing
this movie!

I took my whole family to see Food, Inc. A nurse friend went too.  It
was very informative and moving.  My granddaughter who is nine asked me
if she can eat cheese if she is a vegetarian.  Thank goodness she loves
veggies.  She asked if she could find a place in my backyard to plant
her garden.   Does that make this grandma happy or what?! Now that I
have seen it the poster can go up and I will email 250 employees at
work.  I will copy your handout to all of them as well.

I saw the movie at Regal Hills 8 in Austin, Texas on July 3rd.  As a
vegan for 13 years and having two degrees in the healthcare field I am
proud to see such educational movies being shown on the big screen.  We
deserve the chance to actually have a Choice with what we eat and not
always be told this is the only option.  I am the only person on either
side of my family to not have diabetes and am proud to see people
taking action to educate the public in such a clever way.

I sent your message out to the sc mom’s club and everyone else in town we know. Good luck

It had a good message.

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