Free Public Webinar

A Free Public Webinar on Why San Onofre is a Disaster Waiting to Happen, truth be told! Learn what we can do to make things safer!

May 23, 5:30 PT

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A panel of independent nuclear experts and safety advocates question bad planning and a lack of regulatory oversight that could have catastrophic effects on all of us.

Edison would rather you not know about these threats that require further investment. Current plans negate legitimate concerns by simply classifying them as “Not Credible”. That is why concerned citizens have independently funded this critical event. Time is not on our side, and we are counting on you to spread the word and raise awareness of this looming threat. Together we can demand reasonable safety features be implemented at once. Otherwise, we are headed for a monumental disaster.

High Tide at Tsunami Wall

See for yourself that this threat is now, and we don’t have much time to correct course.

The panel will expose the risks of storing high-level nuclear waste on the beach, and the likelihood of a sustained nuclear reaction from the perspectives of a renowned nuclear expert, safety advocates and a person who has a firsthand account of life, during and after a nuclear disaster. We will also expose the failure of regulators and industry leaders to realistically assess risks of storing deadly nuclear waste on our coastline in vulnerable thin metal canisters.
Thanks to our partners in this endeavor!

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