General Update on San Onofre Issues

We are cautiously optimistic that Tuesday night was the turning of the tide in our favor.

We are cautiously optimistic that Tuesday night was the turning of the tide in our favor. Actions from various sources are converging on the threat posed by the most dangerous nuclear power plant in the United States. Most recently, Friends of the Earth, have commissioned an independent study on the issues surrounding the new but faulty steam generators which cost us ratepayers over $700 million. An iPetition is available to give public notice to the NRC to put public safety above corporate interests. There is a California
Nuclear Initiative
 gaining momentum. Following the victories in San Clemente and Laguna Beach we were invited to make a presentation to the City of Irvine. Many more activities are being planned, and together with what led up to the meeting in Irvine last Tuesday, they amount to a shift in the momentum as the possibility of removing this terrible threat becomes more likely.


We first listened to Councilman Larry Agran give his opening remarks which turned out to be the best description ever, giving a total overview of nuclear power right down to why we need to shutdown San Onofre in a thoughtful and responsible manner as soon as we can. After a heartfelt standing ovation the meeting was opened to public comments. The first speaker was Dr. Nelson Mar, PhD., one of the original designers of the power plant who cited many reasons to be concerned. Doctors and experts in the fields of radiation spoke convincingly, mothers spoke compassionately, activists spoke informatively. Edison was left speechless and they declined to make any comments until they had a chance to figure out how to spin this one.


In the end, the decision was made that the City of Irvine will produce a document that will express the will of the council for a meeting on April 24, (read this
article to get the whole story,
 and be ready to join the masses when the wishes of Irvine City Council calling for a shutdown are made official at the Apr 24th meeting). To have the most influential city in Orange County, a major economic engine of California which influences culture and business around the globe, say they are going to do something about this is a good indication that this will come to pass. They spent over $30 million just to keep an international airport out of their community. I think they will be a very effective force to counter this heavily entrenched nuclear industry.


We?ll keep you apprised of upcoming activities that require your participation. Lots more coming your way soon. TOGETHER, we will accomplish this goal.


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