NRC Requests Info that will set back Edison Considerably


NRC’s request for more data from Edison is an encouraging development for those communities concerned about any hasty restart of a defective Unit 2 nuclear reactor. We are cautiously optimistic to see the NCR follow up with such comprehensive questions.

In a long list from the NRC’s Request for Additinal Information (RAI) question #32 directly impacts Edison?s operating license. Apparently Edison will have to completely redo their calculations for their operational assessment to demonstrate tube integrity at 100% power, not just at 70%. They may have to apply for a license amendment for operation at reduced power, which would likely give the public the much sought after the opportunity for trial-like hearing. Another outcome might be that that the Replacement Steam generators (RSGs) will prove to be inoperable at 100% power which we hope would lead Edison to determine it is time for an early decommission. 

All in all, NRC is showing some willingness to exercise their power over an industry that is accustomed to getting easy approvals.

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I’ve only had time to create newsletters for quite a while now in order to communicate the latest information regarding San Onofre.

I’ve only had time to create newsletters for quite a while now in order to communicate the latest information regarding San Onofre. A wonderful website has been created by Donna Gilmore, filled with referenced data, and recent events. We will return to using this website more often in the future when we return to our primary purpose, which is to learn how to live on this planet in a sustainable respectful manner. Until then, you can send an email to to get our newsletters about important actions and events as they develop. Thank you!

Memo Leaked about Memos being leaked at SCE



To: All SONGS Employees and Contractors

Yesterday, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) posted additional data on its website regarding our steam generator tubes for Units 2 and 3.  This has generated an additional news cycle regarding our plant’s status.  Specifically, the data reflects the type and amount of tube wear we have found on the steam generator tubes.  The request for more information about the tube wear came from the public at our June 18 Augmented Inspection Team exit meeting with the NRC.  The data includes various types of wear, and shows that most of the wear was less than 20 percent, which is far below the required plugging limit of 35 percent, and the majority of the wear is related to support structures.  

While this is the first time this data has been released to the general public, it is the exact same data we have been providing to the NRC and our industry experts all along as we have conducted our inspections, analyses and our root cause evaluations.  It provides the basis for our conservative decision-making and our approach moving forward for the repair plans.

Also yesterday, Friends of the Earth (FOE) released another study by Fairewinds Associates regarding issues with our steam generator tubes as compared to the industry.  It is disheartening to see they are using “a leaked Southern California Edison document” as part of their source data, which is our first root cause evaluation for the Unit 3 steam generators.   It is unfortunate, as this document is a critical piece of our return-to-service plans that are still being evaluated and challenged.  As a reminder, it is against our company policy to release company documents to the media or other third-party stakeholders. 

The station is in the middle of performing some additional inspections in the Unit 2 and 3 steam generators, and we will be conducting some equipment tests in Unit 2 soon.  Each of us has an important role to play every day as nuclear professionals and must maintain our focus on our work.  My congratulations to the station for a successful auxiliary boiler test and for the excellent work in maneuvering Unit 2 down through mid-loop.  Safety always will be the first guiding principle behind all the work we do.  With this in mind, we will always be successful.  I’m proud to be a part of this team.


San Clemente City Council Votes 5-0 for Letters to CPUC and NRC

Thank you so much for all of those who came out in support of the letters to the NRC and CPUC. The two articles out so far, The Patch and Orange County Register, had slightly conflicting interpretations of the council’s direction, but it is hard to say just who is right until we see the actual letters the city produces. It will be interesting to see how NPR covers this event in their 4 minute radio program. NHK Japan TV covered it too, but we’ll need an interpreter to find out what they said, (see more about them below).  I was just as surprised by the unanimous outcome in our favor as I was by the confrontational remarks that this topic began with.

All in all, it was another good night for us. Now we have to rush to get similar actions in other cities before the CPUC meeting on August 2.

NHK is Japan’s sole public broadcaster which draws upon 54 domestic stations in Japan and 31 bureaus and offices internationally.  NHK reaches about 50 million households in Japan through 5 TV channels and 3 radio channels.  Furthermore, we broadcast under the NHK World umbrella – 2 TV Channels, a radio service in 18 languages and internet service.  NHK possesses its own research and archive facilities – Science & Technology Research Laboratories, Broadcasting Culture Research Institute, NHK Archives.  NHK also broadcasts in America on Japan TV, a cable channel that caters to Japanese expats, the Japanese-American community and people interested in Japan.