No Nuclear Power 16 Days and Counting

They tell us we can’t live without it, yet here we are.

They tell us we can’t live without it, yet here we are.

          No nuclear power from San Onofre for 16 Days due to failing generators and still counting…

Even if it was at the worst heat of summer the California Energy Commission data shows that if the whole State had to get by on energy sources other than nuclear, there would only be a gap of 5.5% to fill. Conservation alone would fix that. The reason Nuclear advocates say the percentage is higher is because nuclear power plants have to run 24/7 and can’t be dialed down based upon demand the way other energy providers can.

There are times when truly clean energy sources are turned off so that we can use nuclear power instead. With subsidies and hidden costs of maintaining highly radioactive waste storage thousands of years and with hundreds of billions of dollars at stake from an accident, only then does nuclear power win hands down. Misleading claims of profitability wins over public safety.

How long will we continue this way? Japan waited too long and we must learn from that horrible tragedy that continues to wreak havoc today and for at least another thirty years. That is a choice we still can make. For them, it is too late. Let’s do a thoughtful phase out of this most dangerous plant in the USA, starting right now!

We are having ?Fukushima Remembered? on 3/10 with guest speakers from Fukushima and a protest at the plant on 3/11, the first anniversary of the tragedy in Japan. Sign up here to be updated on our activities. We are counting on big numbers to offset the big money acting for profit above safety. Please share our message with others and make a donation if you can (San Clemente Green, 2837 Penasco, San Clemente CA, 92673 – not tax deductible)..  Thanks!

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