This is your central resource for Earth Hour activities in San Clemente. For general information on Earth Hour please go to

This is your central resource for Earth Hour activities in San Clemente. For general information on Earth Hour please go to

It’s Official! On March 17th, the Mayor presented San Clemente Green with an Earth Hour Proclamation, pledging their support and publicly endorsing this event. The Mayor will also be sending letters out to all businesses in the vicinity of our event encouraging them to participate, requesting that they turn out the lights and join the parade!

This year the "stars" will be out for sure! We have strong commitments from local musicians and surfing celebrities that will add an exciting dimension to the vibe on the street.

As of this writing we only have one more meeting before the event. It will be our Sign Painting meeting to be held at San Clemente Art Supply on March 24th at 6:00 pm. Materials and work space will be provided, and as usual, good eats and drinks will be on hand. Everyone is welcome to join us for this final, fun, messy activity leading up to the main event. Be sure to wear your ?grungies?.

On March 28th, from 5:30 to 6:30, we will be stationed at various off ramps, waving signs to remind people to turn out their lights at 8:30. From 6:30 to 7:30 all of us "worker bees" will meet at Sonny’s Pizza for dinner, and then it’s off to the top of Del Mar to start the festivities.

The candle light procession will be a noisy, fun experience, disrupting eateries and other establishments along the way with our wild enthusiasm. Eventually we will end up at the lawn outside of the community center for a more subdued and reflective conversation about the true purpose of this event.

Then the mob will make its way up the other side of Del Mar and say farewell to each other and to the one billion new friends we shared the evening with around the globe. For those night owls who just can?t get enough, the party will continue on at Molly Bloom?s where one of the bands that joined us, (Frame of Mind), will carry the momentum of the night right into the wee hours of the morning. Another Earth Hour will be done, until our next rendezvous next year with even more folks who share our appreciation for life on this wonderful planet!

Check back here for other announcements like details on restaurants in town who are offering special dinners in honor of Earth Hour. Photos and videos will also be posted here after the event.

See attachments for other pertinent information or graphics!

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