Resolution for San Onofre Safety

Resolution for San Onofre Safety

We, the people of San Clemente and surrounding areas, issue this statement of public record declaring our right to live in a safe environment, protected from the unjustifiable risks being imposed on those of us living in the shadow of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS). Recent revelations brought about by the disaster in Fukushima have raised critical questions about the capabilities of science, technology, regulatory oversight and emergency preparedness to keep the public safe. As representatives of the people you are sworn to protect, we expect decision makers at all levels to act decisively in our interest and immediately take steps towards the following goals:

Shut down San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station and begin the decommissioning process, based upon the facts we already know. No need for further studies. Japan and Germany have already set the example. This will end the production of more nuclear waste and reduce the possibility of radiation exposure in the event of the massive 8.0 earthquake experts tell us to expect at any time now.

Reinforce on-site containment structures for all radioactive waste immediately and make preparations for its eventual relocation to either a temporary or permanent storage facility a safe distance from populated and seismic locations, as promised by the Federal Government.

Create incentives for clean, safe energy efficient technologies, such as solar power by making easy financing available and by paying investors and homeowners fair market value for kilowatts they contribute to the grid, especially during peak periods. 

Establish an alternative solution to unrealistic evacuation plans to relocate 7.4 million people within a 50-mile radius. Request the Federal Government review policies and procedures of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to make sure they are working effectively to ensure public safety.

Redirect billions of dollars in ratepayer funds towards completing a ?Smart Grid? to conserve most of the 57% energy lost to inefficient transmission with our outdated grid system. This, along with other clean, safe and renewable energy sources, can benefit from money which otherwise would go towards costly studies, license extension applications, seismic upgrades, cooling towers and other expenses which are currently under consideration at SONGS.

Our personal commitment is to conserve as much energy as needed to offset nuclear power from SONGS as we make this transition, and to implement emerging green technologies whenever possible. The alternative is simply not acceptable, moral or ethical considering the risk involved for a mere 15% of our wasteful energy consumption habits in California.

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