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Lots of Future Planning in the Vital Few

Lots of Future Planning in the Vital Few

February 06, 2008 Print

Vol. 3, Issue 6, February 7-13, 2008

THE LATEST: The City Council decided last week that a
Strategic Plan and General Plan update for the city belong atop its
priority list, choosing it above six other issues at its annual Vital
Few meeting on January 30. The city will budget time and money for the
planning of the community?s long-term growth and vision, working
directly with the council and citizens. This process may take up to
three years to complete, according to City Manager George Scarborough.

While the Strategic Plan and General Plan update received top billing,
the council also instructed Scarborough to give priority to a Traffic
Task Force Work Plan, which will handle projects including the Avenida
Pico corridor adjacent to San Clemente High School, and a
Sustainability Action Plan, which will look into adopting
environmentally friendly building and operating practices within the

Voting for the Vital Few priorities was not done in the traditional
majority-rules fashion. Each councilmember was given one red dot and
three blue dots and instructed to place these dots on four of the seven
proposed plans or projects. The red dot served as the councilmember?s
highest priority while the blue dots served simply as a priority vote.
The Strategic Plan/General Plan update garnered red dots from
Councilmembers Jim Dahl and Wayne Eggleston and Mayor Pro Tem Lori
Donchak and blue dots from Councilmember Steve Knoblock and Mayor Joe
Anderson. The Traffic Task Force Work Plan received red dots from
Knoblock and Anderson, blue dots from Dahl and Donchak, and no dot from
Eggleston. The Sustainability Action Plan garnered blue dots from Dahl,
Eggleston, Donchak and Anderson, and no dot from Knoblock.

With the Vital Few selected the city staff will now give them priority when developing the 2008??09 budget.

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