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Here are some less known safety tips which I became aware of through my research i

Here are some less known safety tips which I became aware of through my research into this matter?

1) Exposure to radioactive fallout can be reduced by 90% simply by removing your outer clothing. Place them in a bag and leave them outside of your “safe area”. Taking a shower (without scrubbing) is also effective at removing remaining radioactive particles. Do these things before going to the evacuation center if possible so you don’t bring it with you. Otherwise, stay at home and close all windows, doors and vents (including air conditioner or furnace). Don’t touch your nose or mouth or eat or drink anything before washing something that may have been radiated because it will do a lot more damage internally where it can’t be removed.

2) You are not supposed to take potassium iodide tablets unless instructed to do so by emergency health officials. If you are told to do so, take the potassium iodide tablets ASAP. The sooner you take them the better!  I called Sea View Pharmacy (665 Camino De Los Mares, 496-0123) and learned that you can buy tablets for about a dollar per tablet (14 for $15). You’ll need 1 per adult per day, or a half tablet per child. They don?t have many tablets and it takes a week to order more, so I requested that they stock up. No prescription is required, but you might want to ask your doctor if these tablets are okay for you to take. Some people can have allergic reactions to them. Better still, contact the city ( and ask them to accelerate distribution of the new stockpile they just received, and had planned on giving away at the end of March!

3) If you have potassium iodide tablets that were distributed in 2003, they have since expired. The city plans to set up Points of Distribution (POD’s) in March to give out fresh tablets. The city’s plan currently requires that you go to the Reception and Care Center at the OC County Fairgrounds where they have a fresh stockpile of iodide tablets waiting for you.

You can also order it online or by phone from a couple of vendors.
Anbex Website:
Phone: 1-866-463-6754 (toll free)
Brand name: IOSAT ? tablets

Phone: 1-866-849-7672 (toll free)
Brand name: ThyroSafe? tablets

Please download the EVER-READY document under ?LINKS? which has much more information about emergency preparedness. There are also instructions there for people that need special assistance or want the Ever-Ready document in Spanish, (unfortunately not available on line). You can also register cell phones at to be included in the AlertOC system which already has your landline number in their database.

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