Download the attached 3 pages of an internal report which discloses NRC findings.

Download the attached 3 pages of an internal report which discloses NRC findings.

A Southern California Edison internal memo regarding findings by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has just been given to San Clemente Green by one of SCE?s Senior Management. The document which normally would become public at the end of this quarter would come out too late to prevent the unsafe start up of Unit 2, scheduled for 3:00pm Thursday, February 18. San Clemente Green has been getting anonymous calls and emails from insiders expressing concerns about short cuts on testing the new generators, unreported safety violations, falsifying records and promoting a culture of cover-up. While these significant claims have been forwarded to the NRC for investigation, they failed to get the various bureaucratic agencies to take any action. This substantial and highly critical document was provided with instructions to get this information into as many media outlets as possible, before Unit 2 is brought back on line. In the interest of time at this critical point, SCG is honoring the request to get this memo into the news, and seeks written assurances from both SCE and the NRC that the problems listed in this memo have not only been resolved, but have been double checked by NRC inspectors before allowing Unit 2 to be activated.

Prior to this new information, San Clemente Green had already organized members of the community to speak to a reluctant City Council at their meeting scheduled for tonight, February 16, 6:00 pm at City Hall, 100 Avenida Presidio. Now, with increased attention from the media the message will get out to the public more effectively. Council members at the last meeting decided not to join the community in calling for a delay in starting Unit 2 , although they did agree that a public forum on emergency preparedness was a good idea. With this new evidence of serious safety concerns noted by the NRC, the group is hoping to get the support of the City Council, Local and State Representatives and possibly the NRC, CPUC and FEMA.

San Clemente Green was formed to create a sustainable city. It has never been their intent to challenge the use of nuclear power, even though SONGS sits on their southern border. In the last month, warning sirens from SONGS went off twice accidentally, creating a panic and demonstrating a lack of preparedness in the general public. This combined with alarming messages from whistleblowers was enough for San Clemente Green to petition for a San Onofre Safety ? S.O.S. Forum to be held prior to the start up of Unit 2. That presented an impossible task unless more time was provided to allow for such a meeting to be organized. With this new piece of evidence coming from the top brass at SCE, there may now be time for educating the public at the S.O.S. Forum and also take a closer look at safety issues at SONGS.

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