Earth Hour 2008 a great SUCCESS!

As storm clouds approached, so did the masses, and good old Mother Nature held off delivering her nourishing rain just long enough for us to deliver our message. The hundred or so people that did attend were quite noticeable with their signs and lights, and our live music provided by Roby and Mike of GRATITUDE, along with an impromptu congo drum session from Ryan and Barry. This made for a huge procession that stretched out quite some distance as we made our way down Del Mar.

The stores and restaurants that participated in Earth Hour got a real show of support, as we hooted and hollared while passing by. Now that the merchants have seen what it’s all about, many more will surely join us next year. The ones that really stood out this year for going dark were El Ranchito, Selma?s, Beach Fire, Carbonara’s, Village Mediterranean Rim, La Rocco?s Pizza, Pizza Port and The Vine. Unfortunately, we couldn’t make it within the hour to visit the one restaurant that really went all out (all lights out), which was Sonny’s Pizza on El Camino Real. A few of us did get there after the lights came back on and gave them an enthusiastic "thank you". We are thinking about starting out there next year!

Thanks to all of you who were able to make it out there for Earth Hour. For those of you who stayed at home, we’d love to hear about anything special that you did with the lights out, (well, not everything). Remember, this special hour represents a constant effort to continue doing anything you can do to reduce energy consumption, large or small!



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