San Clemente City Council
    Mayor ? Jim Dahl
    Council Member ? Lori Donchak, March 10, I have long-struggled with SONGS as an issue, having learned early in this term on City Council that to be effective, a person has to ‘go deep’ on a few issues, vs. ‘go wide’. SONGS is  difficult in that, as you point out, it is out of SC jurisdiction. I have often wondered why a coalition (for lack of a better word) has never been formed of cities that surround SONGS. Assembling officials from Oceanside, Fallbrook, SC, maybe SJC and DP as an advisory panel to ensure that our communities are the safest they can possibly be makes so much sense, and I would be willing to support something like this. What I lack is enough hours in a day to do the heavy-lifting required. The amount of time involved in the Safety Quiet Zone, for example is daunting. It’s taken over a year to get the right stakeholders to the table, and we are still a good two years away from a satisfactory solution. SONGS would be similar.
    Council Member ? Joe Anderson
    Council Member ? Bob Baker, March 2, 2010 – Thanks Gary.
    Council Member ? Wayne Eggleston, March 1, 2010, Gary,Thank you for your efforts to bring this to our attention.
While I am not a scientist, nor do I have any expertise regarding nuclear energy; one of the most fundamental responsibilities we have as council members is the health and safety of our residents. As you know, we always need a majority vote on city council. I urge you to continue with your efforts and always provide reliable and sustainable information to San Clemente residents.
San Clemente City Manager ? George Scarborough

Dana Point Mayor & City Council
San Juan Capistrano Mayor & City Council

Representative Edward Markey (MA) Energy and Commerce Committee, March 4, 2010, Rep. Markey?s office has received and reviewed your documents, and we appreciate the input from all stakeholders including the local communities and plant workers. (SEE ATTACHMENT, “GOAINSPECTION.PDF” RE: INVESTIGATION BEING LAUNCHED, INCLUDING SONGS)

Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Southern California Edison
Federal Emergency Management Agency

Senator Barbara BoxerMarch 5, 2010, Senator Boxer is well aware of what going on in San Onofre and that the Environment and Public Works Committee is actively monitoring and inquiring about concerns.  I also spoke to Judy Jones, understanding she might also bring you into the loop.  The Committee has been working closely with the Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility, Rochelle Becker and the NRC.

Senator Mark Wyland

Assemblywoman Diane Harkey

Judy Jones – Running against Harkey, March 3, 2010,  Recently there has been concern about our sirens and about safety at SONGS.  The two false alarms of the siren system do not build confidence in the safety (equipment maintenance and construction) at SONGS, nor the ability of the community?s emergency responders to inform the public.  I especially hope this will result in backup plans for the individuals and the systems involved when real emergencies occur and when false alarms happen.    
    However, the other concern I have is based on multiple sources at San Onofre with issues about the new generators. What is surprising to me is that we will not receive the NRC report on the safety of the new reactors until after they are up and running. One of my full-time job roles in software development has been to manage software testing teams.  It would be totally unacceptable to our clients to give them the software testing results several weeks to a month after the software has been implemented.  In fact, it is always a requirement that the client signs off on the test results, and determines if any existing bugs are minor enough to proceed.  Why should the test results at San Onofre, especially concerning safety, not be presented to the public in a more timely manner before the restart? Please do consider a delay in starting the next reactor to ensure our safety.  There are many other details to consider, and I do believe many other individuals will be noting those concerns.

Representative Ken Calvert

Bill Hedrick – Running against CalvertMarch 5, 2010, I fully support the request for delay and additional testing of Unit 2.  It is prudent in light of the potentially catastrophic consequence of a significant failure.I understand that Edison wants to protect their investment.  However, both the immediate neighbors of SONGS as well as those inland in the shadow of a potential plume carried by prevailing winds deserve absolute certainty that all steps have been taken to prevent an accident.  Therefore I believe that conducting complete testing, including ?hot functional testing,? as well as resolving all safety performance issues, should be accomplished before re-starting Unit 2. It is troubling that employees have reported a workplace that is retaliatory.  It is alarming that incidents reported to the NRC far exceed the industry average.  It is worrisome that in a rush to move Unit 2 on line?and with so much in the balance?that every possible step to insure safety has not been embraced by the utility.   In a community that has been provided with potassium iodide tablets having maximum assurances of safety is not asking too much.   It is in everyone?s interest to do all to avoid the ultimate environmental nightmare.  

Representative Henry Waxman-Chair of Energy & Commerce Committee

Attorney General Jerry Brown

Governor Schwarzenegger asked the California Energy Commission to look into this matter.

President Obama

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