STOP WORK ON UNIT 2 NOW! SC Times article 2/11/10


I had written another version of this article which was much more passive than anything you are about to read. I had just about given up on having our San Onofre Safety forum before they start up Unit 2 when I started getting more and more tips from reliable sources as the time gets closer leading up to this critical event at SONGS. Now I am absolutely convinced that there is no way that Unit 2 should be allowed to start up under present conditions.
You can choose to ignore this warning as if it were just another false alarm, but hopefully you will trust me that this is the real thing.  If for some reason we can?t stop SONGS long enough to address these latest concerns, please go to our website, or just do a search for the EVER-READY document that has much more information about emergency preparedness. There are also instructions there for people that need special assistance or want the Ever-Ready document in Spanish, (unfortunately not available on line). You can also register cell phones at to be included in the AlertOC system which already has your landline number in their database.  Request that the city makes Potassium Iodide tablets available to the public earlier than planned in late March (
Ideally we could all just get out of town for at least 24 hours on the 18th and take friends and family with us, but that is not a practical solution. We must get them to stop progress at SONGS now, and do whatever it takes to focus attention on this looming crisis. By all means, let?s get as prepared as possible, but even more important; let?s not miss this opportunity to be proactive. There is a serious threat to our immediate safety, and preventing it from happening in the first place should take priority over preparing for a disaster. When you see the official reports that are pending release, you will understand what I am talking about. For now, this is all I can tell you. Send an email to  if you want to be proactive. Go to  to read whistle blower claims that have been forwarded to the NRC for further investigation. For any other SONGS employees who have critical safety information call the Allegation Hotline at 800-695-7403, or contact me directly if you have any concerns about retaliation.

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